Spotify vs. Deezer?

When it comes to music streaming services, I have always been a loyal Spotify user. However, recently I decided to give Deezer a try and compare the two services.

Firstly, I noticed that Deezer has a larger presence in Europe (and you know I’m originally from Germany), which means that they have a wider selection of regional music that I had been missing out on with Spotify.

Secondly, Deezer’s interface was more visually appealing to me and felt more intuitive to navigate compared to Spotify’s. It was easier to find new music and create playlists.

But the deciding factor for me was the frequency of ads between songs. While both services offer a free version with ads, Deezer’s free version seemed to have less frequent interruptions between songs, which made my listening experience more enjoyable.

So, after careful consideration, I have decided to roll with Deezer’s free version for now. Although I will miss some of Spotify’s features (and some of the podcasts), the less frequent ads between songs make it the better option for me at the moment.

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